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RE: for sale 87 5cyl coupe


Actually, you're right.  I didn't save the original post, but I do recall you did have a line that implied it wasn't a "q"

>>auto not quattro (disappointing)

I think the folks were flaming the first response who jumped on it right away and perhaps missed that line in your post.


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I do not know where the idea of ABS came from, I never printed one word about 
ABS. I did mention four wheel disks.  I also said Quattro, but as in 
reference to being dissappointed that it was not one.   The first one who 
replied, probably mistook what I wrote and was trying to be helpful (Like 
most people should be.) But as most people are (like the majority of people 
on some of these list) we all can't wait until somebody makes a mistake and 
pounce all over the poor smuck who makes it (no reference to any certain 
person, just a general term).  I know I am bitching and probably have no room 
to, but hey why flame someone for trying to help (for fun?). Grow up!


Come bring on your best I expect at least one or two juicy replies