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Reflections on '83 CGT "restoration"

Hi all,
   Figured I'd pass the word along that my CGT's now back on the road.  I 
took the opportunity to do some work to the car when the RF outer CV let go 
a few weeks back.  Put a new Sachs clutch in to replace the original that 
had 190k (and probably could have gone a little longer from the looks of 
it).  Taking everything apart was the hardest part. I had some trouble 
sliding off the tranny, but that was solved by raising the front of the 
engine an additional 1/2 inch or so.  The plastic T.O. bearing sleeve was 
worn in two.  I ordered a new one from the local VW dealer (thanks ETKA) and 
was very happy to find out the $23 I spent was for a metal sleeve instead of 
another plastic one...

Also put in a set of bilsteins to replace the (insert explative here) KYB's 
the P.O. had installed just before selling it to me a year ago.  H&R's 
completed the spring / strut package.  The rears were very easy to replace, 
maybe took 20 minutes total.  New rubber bushings accompanied the shocks at 
the top.  Hint:  Get a 17mm ratcheting box end wrench to take off & install 
the top shock nuts in the trunk.

The fronts received the same Bilstein / H&R treatment.  Be real careful with 
the spring compressors, one popped off on me and made me very happy I had 
the safety hooks in place.  I removed the control arms, and had a friend of 
mine with the right tools pop, no hammer and curse the old bushings out and 
press the new ones in.  Only charged me $20, not including parts so well 
worth it.  Also replaced the subframe bushings, these were much easier than 
the control arms IMO.

Putting everything back together took about 1/2 the time of disassembling 
it.  I now have even more respect for the engineers at Audi for putting all 
the bolts in fairly easy to get a wrench on locations.   With that said, 
having the right tools for the job always makes it a heck of a lot easier.

All the parts for the job I bought from GPR, who had the best prices on the 
clutch and especially the Bilsteins of anyone else I called.

If you have any specific ?'s about clutches or suspension work on CGT's (or 
4k's I guess too) I'd be happy to share more of the experience in detial.


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