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Re: Alignment - 200TQ - front end is off a tad.

It may be a "carbon arc torch". This device works with a transformer
type "ARC Welder". The Electrodes are copper coated carbon and are
installed in a carbon arc torch. The torch holds the carbons in the 
form of a "V",with an air gap between the tips.. The amperage of the
machine is set as required and the narrow point of the V is grounded 
to the nut,bolt head,stud etc. The current flows thru the item, heating
only that part.Transfering very little heat to the mating part. The
torch with is rather cumbersome,so access to "close" areas is limited.


            \       /  <----carbon electrodes
	     \     /
	      \   /
	    "X" = part to be heated