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Re: 84 4000S Quattro Questions

Adam Brodeur, who bought my car, said:

>Hello to everyone on the quattro list.

Hello again, and welcome to the list.

>  After owning 6 Saabs of various
>models and being a ProRally as well as TSD enthusiast, I finally went
>out and went to an Audi.  I've had the car one week and absolutely love

Whew!  I'm glad of that.

>The AWD system and handling is great.
>Unfortunately, I don't know much about fixing them and seeing as I'm in
>college I didn't have much cash to spend on a newer Audi.  Mine is an 84
>4000 Quattro, 5 speed with 118K miles which I bought from the original
>owner. It runs good, the interior is mint but the body needs some work.
>I enjoy reading the comments from everyone and have already learned alot
>in one week.  
>So far, I've done an oil % filter change and checked the fluids and
>belts.  Everything looks good. However, I couldn't figure out how to
>get to the air filter under the fuel distributor.  Does this have to be

The filter is a K&N, which is a permanent filter.  It was put on at around
95-100K miles around 3 years ago and has been cleaned once (10k/1+ year
ago?), so it should still be fairly clean.  The best bet is to remove the RF
headlight assembly and one of the headlights.  You can reach in and lift the
air intake assembly and slide the filter in/out through the headlight
opening.  I got that advice from this list and it still wasn't sufficient,
as I couldn't lift the assembly high enough for the filter to come out.
You'll notice that the metal area normally hidden by the closed hood has
been bent upward slightly to gain just enough additional clearance to raise
the assembly barely high enough to get the filter in and out.  It's a real
bear.  You may have to bend it a little more, as I may have bent it back
down, though I don't think so.  Just don't give up and it *will* eventually
lift enough to gain access with proper wiggling.  It is also a real pain to
get the hard-to-reach clips back on when you reassemble.  Because it is such
a PITA, you'll want to do this when you won't be driving the car for a day
so you can clean the filter and let it dry, re-oil it and reinstall.  I
wouldn't want to put in a temporary filter for a day and then have to do it

>  Also, the car stumbles a bit and ticks for a moment right after
>starting it up.  Then it smooths right out.  Any ideas on that issue. 

I've read numerous suggestions from others that the vacuum pump can cause
this, and that the pump is not needed and can be disconnected.  I always
ignored these suggestions (as the vacuum pump ticking is also not harmful),
but you could try disconnecting it and seeing if the ticking sound stops.

>The last question for the time being is what could cause the tachometer
>to stop working?  It doesn't do anything.  Not a big deal but something
>I would like to fix none the less.

The general list consensus was a loose wire between the coil and tach.  I
didn't see anything obvious at the coil end so I left it for the new owner
to figure out.  :^)

Jack Rich
00 TT
90 V8Q