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Re: 84 4000S Quattro Questions

"Rich, Jack" wrote:

> The filter is a K&N, which is a permanent filter.  It was put on at around
> 95-100K miles around 3 years ago and has been cleaned once (10k/1+ year
> ago?), so it should still be fairly clean.

it's doubtful that your intake tracts are.  those K&N filters need to be
re-oiled fairly regularly or else they dry out and the gauze fibers shrink up
and they don't do much filtering anymore.  while they work great if you can do
this fairly frequently, it's actually a bad call for a car where the filter is a
PITA to get to because you just won't be able or willing to check and reoil
it.   there are plenty of reports of dirt making it past K&N filters to back
this up (I recall Phil has some opinion on this topic ;^)   ).




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