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Attack of the giant woodpeckers

Ok, here's the deal...hit the "auto" button on the CC controller and a noise
comes from the compressor like a woodpecker or jack hammer.  Or, if you're
one of those people you can trill an "r" with your tongue continuously,
that's the sound it makes...much louder of course.

So, knowing that the R-12 level is like, zero, I first try a 2 oz oil charge
in the system. Result: No change---still get the jackhammer, woodpecker,
whatever noise.

Bright idea #2--put some freon in there.  Not a problem since it only costs
$780,000 an oz.  Put in 24 ozs.  Result: jackhammering continues.

Lamo-no-chance-it-will-help-but-I'll-try-it-anyway-idea #3--try driving the
car to "mix up" that freon.  Result: return of giant woodpecker.  But don't
quit now, dear reader, it gets worse.

Get home.  Turn on a/c -- SQEEEEAAAAL--shudder--clunk.  Engines dies.  Too
much drag from compressor.  That's where we are now.  I can use "econ" ok,
but hit "auto" and the woodpecker kills the engine fast.

This is the part where you all come in 8-].  How can I exterminate the
woodpecker??  Do I need a entire new compressor, or just a clutch?  Any


1989 200 TQ
140,000 miles