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Old Plugs + Thanks ECU Ground Cleaning Advice

    My old plugs when pulled had clean tips, but each little prong looked
kind of black and singed.  The threads had a fair amount of oily muck in
them.  The spark plug "holes" had much oily muck in them as well.  Cleaned
them out and installed new +4 plugs.  Runs great, feels smoother.  That
could also be caused by taking the ECU ground wire and giving it the old
scruba scrub with a wire brush with alcohol.  Cleaned all the bits for the
ground wire and now all the codes have dissapeared, thanks!  Car runs better
all around everyday I add parts and fiddle with others.
    Now only if I could get my rims + suspension + cv boots + control arm
bushings + alignment together my car will be SUPER!  Trying to get all the
parts together for one big front end suspension alignment festival for the
new mechanic I'm trying, but it seems it's hard to get all the parts
together quickly enough.

Thanks a bunches everyone!  Soon to get a Bentley and leave you all alone
for a while, thanks again.

    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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