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Re: gas prices

In message <199907210014.UAA12163@audifans.com> Mike Mulholland writes:

> filled up my quattro yesterday....$40.00. a few weeks ago the same fill
> would have cost ~$35.00. tomorrow the prices are going up again at all of
> the gas stations so the next fillup will cost $45.00.
>         i know i know...how dare i complain when others pay much more etc.
> etc. thats not the point here. we are being told that the prices have gone
> up due to the huge increase in the cost of crude....if this is the case then
> all of the listers in other countries should have seen a recent jump in
> their prices lately too...is this the case? have all countries seen their
> prices jump in the last month?   the opinion here is that the summer price
> increases are just a ploy to get more cashola from the travelling tourists
> and cottage travellers.

Recent changes here (apart from an annual 6% tax rise to make us all
want to leap into buses and trains) are of the order of pennies.  Still
around $85 for an ur-quattro tankful.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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