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RE: improving Urq A/C efficiency...

> > I also discovered (I think) that the Urq's A/C workes in recirc mode
> only,
> > or at least in my experiments, the fresh air flap is closed as soon as
> you
> > turn on the A/C.  Otherwise you wouldn't get cold air from the fresh air
> > vents, I guess.  It just goes against what I think of recirc systems, I
> > don't know if it's nice to sit in the car with four adults for
> multi-hours
> > with no fresh air...
> They typically select recirc for a while, then switch to fresh
> after a few minutes. Is this what it's doing?
... nope!  On both my '83 QTC and the '85 4kSQ whenever the air conditioning
is turned on the source for the inlet air for the HVAC box is switched from
fresh to recirculate.  Since neither car currently has a functional A/C I do
find the function useful when driving in ... shall we say ... the more
agricultural regions of California ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)