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RE: improving Urq A/C efficiency...

> I wonder if you could change the recirc to a separate button, allowing you
> to run the A/C without recirc and keeping the fresh air vents (which would
> no longer give cool air) closed, as I often close them anyways when I'm
> running A/C on long trips.  You could run recirc just for initial cooling
> and when required.  Any BTDT's??
... if my memory of the routing of air into the blower motor is correct,
there is no way that you can get cool air except via drawing it in from the
passenger compartment.  

I've never had pause to contemplate this while I've had the car apart, but
perhaps a solution that would provide some amount of fresh air while the A/C
is running would be to make it so that the fresh air door does not close
completely.  This would have to be done carefully and with some
experimentation, because if you make it too easy to draw in fresh air, the
system would not draw air across the evaporator.  

Perhaps a better solution for those concerned about a degradation in
interior air quality on long trips with the A/C engaged might be to simply
drive with a window cracked open.  Frankly though, I really doubt that the
interior of the car is as well sealed as a new house.  I know that there are
outlet vents in the C-pillars ... if air is going out that way there has to
be fresh air coming in from somewhere ... even in recirculate mode.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)