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Re: Need part number for Boge TG shocks

The number for the Quattro is different. After checking with my main
aftermarket suppliers I get this: One says P/N 4A5 513 031 (Sachs/Boge
Manufacturers' #170819) fits, although crosses to '92-'94 100Q V6 as well.
Other says P/N 443 513 031L (no differentiation from non-gas, except for
description in their catalogue, I had him go to the shelf and indeed the
carry both hydraulic and gas shocks under the same P/N with some internal
memo as to which button to push. His Boge Turbo Gas # is 32-505-F)

Now, although this all sounds convoluted, these are both very reliable
suppliers (largest two in this country if that matters) and it is entirely
likely that all of these numbers after multiple cross reference, will work.
Personally, I would expect that if I ordered from these guys, in this
fashion I would get the correct parts. Price either way is $107 U.S. each.

Bryan Doughty
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> Hi Bryan,
> In a message dated 7/21/99 you wrote:
> << 32-859-F is the Boge #  (Fits 5000 84-88, 5000T 84-88, 100/200 89-91)
> Price should be about $64 ea. >>
> I don't suppose you know for sure if these would fit an '87 5000cst
> would they? I have heard differing opinions...
> If not, is there a suitable Boge TG that does fit the rear of a type 44
> quattro (without using sleeves, etc.)?
> Regards,
> Mike Veglia