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I bout a Quattro!

Hi.  I Just bought my second car, a 1986 4000 CSQ.  I am so happy with it.
The only problem is that the sun roof is broken and will not open.  The old
owner said that it was a command problem with the 4000 SCQ, and it happened
on his other 4000 SCQ.  Does any body know a easy, or not so easy way to fix
the roof?  I just wanted to ask for some cheep advice before I take it to an
expensive shop.


Ps.  Can anybody send me a web address of a web page that will give me
advice on the 4000 CSQ?  (Answers to how to make it run faster, cool mods,
mabie a racing or rally club in the CA Bay Area?)

1986 4000 CS Quattro