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Re: gas prices

> filled up my quattro yesterday....$40.00. a few weeks ago the same fill
> would have cost ~$35.00. tomorrow the prices are going up again at all of
> the gas stations so the next fillup will cost $45.00.


#include <stdio.h>

int main( void )
 printf( " high gas prices would keep all the soccer moms from driving their
20 gallon per mile SUV's.  i couldn't live with my self i drove a vehicle
that had an outwardly effect on global prices for light sweet crude. i look
forward to the day i pay 5 USD for a gal of 93 octane at the pump.  filling
up the Shevrowlette Subourban would cost over 100USD and they would have to
do it every 200 miles!\n" );
 return 0;


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