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Re: Non electronic climate for 5000/200

>        Did Audi offer a non-electronic climate control on the
>5000/200's in other countries?  I know it wasn't available in the US,
>but options vary greatly from one country to the next.  All the problems
>associated with the electronic systems on the older Audis makes me wish
>it was a simple set of dials or sliders.  Like the 4000's.  My new
>Passat has dials and I love it.  If such a manual option existed could
>it be fitted to the US versions?

While the problems are more in the 'programmer' that does the mechanical
work than in the electronic control head, just plain making it manual
ought to work with the manual control head from a lower-trim big GM car;
my Caprices have a dial or a slider which controls, besides electric a/c stuff,
the input/output flap vacuum lines. Temperature conrol is by bowden wire, I
guess, but for the vaccuum flaps, this slider replaces both electronic head 
and programmer. A good idea to retrofit it? I doubt it. One of these days
(or months or years), recirc/vent and dash/floor vent override....