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RE: Non electronic climate for 5000/200

Actually, it might not be THAT difficult to adapt the Climate Control in the
old type 44 to be more manual.  When I was trying to find the source of the
power disconnect in getting to the CC Programmer on my BiL's '84 5k I simply
pulled the Bowden cable that drives the temp control flaps from the
programmer and snaked it out to the glovebox.  While admittedly more
complicated, this should allow one to have the manually operated temperature
control similar to that of the adjustable heater control valve.  This would
meet Huw's desire to have a push-pull control directly, or the Bowden cable
can be connected to a slider of some sort.  I don't think it would be that
difficult a deal to get a multiposition blower switch and resistor pack to
have a manually selectable blower speed.  You could use manual switches to
control the A/C Clutch and recirculate doors.  Perhaps the big thing would
be controlling the vents ... and then there's the issue of where do you
mount all the controls ...

I guess you could have individual switches to control the vents, and hook
these switches up to the vacuum switches on the programmer.  

... just tossing out some quick thoughts ... it sure seems to me that it
would not be an impossible project ... and perhaps with some other input
from the list a complete and workable solution can be developed ...

I wonder how many folks would really be interested in such a project ... I
must admit that my preference would be to stick with the CC ... perhaps with
a way to preserve the blower brushes by shutting off the motor controller,
and having another switch that disables the A/C compressor if desired ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
>         Did Audi offer a non-electronic climate control on the
> 5000/200's in other countries?  I know it wasn't available in the US,
> but options vary greatly from one country to the next.  All the problems
> associated with the electronic systems on the older Audis makes me wish
> it was a simple set of dials or sliders.  Like the 4000's.  My new
> Passat has dials and I love it.  If such a manual option existed could
> it be fitted to the US versions?