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Re: Questions for V8 Owners

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From: Richard Haroutunian <Richard_Haroutunian@inso.com>
To: quattro@audifans.com <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: Thursday, July 22, 1999 9:18 AM
Subject: Questions for V8 Owners

>V8 Owners:
>I must say, the V8 is a truly exceptional car!  It's very good-looking, and
>the look is--and will probably always be 'in-style.'

They are nice.  I don't own one either, but wouldn't mind one.

>Anyway, they're asking quit a bit for the car, but it looks to be worth
>it-- and I have questions about the Quattro system in the V8.  I never
>really understood the whole 'torsen' thing-- so it would be great of
>someone could explain..

Torsen came on all the later model (after '88) model Audis.  The
differential is "torque-sensing" and virtually bulletproof.  You can't lock
the front diff like you can in the 5KTQ.  It does it automatically.  That's
what Torsen is in a whole.  You can however still lock the rear diff with a
button on the inner console.  But, even it switches off at above 15 mph so
it's really only used to get you out of a tight spot.

>Also, there is a 'toggle' switch on the console with 3 options: 'S' 'E' and

Yup, this is for the transmission modes.  Sport, Economy, and Manual.  In
Sport mode it grags out the gears longer to give you more rpm, in Economy it
shifts to give you best fuel economy, and in Manual, you shft through the
gears yourself.  It is a 5 speed automatic after all!

>What are these options?  Does it have to due with the diff locks-- or does
>it have diff locks at all?

Nope, as I explained above, only the rear diff can be locked on the V8's.

>Also, it didn't appear to have the UFO brakes--did the 93's come with
>regular disc brakes?

Um, I don't think so, but many V8 owners converted over to conventional
brakes....most commonly the Girling 60's that are the same as the ones on
your 5KTQ and even newer cars like the S4 and A6.  The only thing is a V8 is
a BIG car and I myslef would want even meatier brakes than those on a beast
like that!  Would work ok though.

>What are the major differences (if any) of the 93 model over the earlier

Not sure.  Probably nothing too major though.

>The 93 is such a great-looking car- does it have the same body as the 200TQ
>or the earlier V8s?

Um, yes, '93 has same body as earlier V8's, and I've heard it's the same (or
very similar) to the body of the '91 200TQ...I think it's the same body.  I
know they added a lot of structural bracing and stuff to help make the V8's
and '91 200's a much more stiff car.

>Does the 93 have a bigger motor with more hp than the earlier models? what
>is the hp in the 93?

Um, some V8's (only automatics) had a longblock motor that was bigger
displacement and had a little more power.  I believe 3.7 and 4.2 were the
two motor sizes, but don't quote me on it.

Just look carefully at the records.  Has the timing belt been done.  What
else????  Check to see it has been meticulously maintained.  If not, these
can be VERY expensive cars to do maintenance on.  Also, be warned, that many
of the parts on these cars are "dealer only" and add to the cost of
maintenance.  I'm not saying don't go for it, but just be carefull.

89 200tq