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RE: Questions for V8 Owners

I had sent my thoughts to Richard privately before ... but I have to respond
to some of the things in this message ...

Let me preface this message with a disclaimer that my response is in
reference to the V8 Quattro models sold in the USA ... other more
interesting flavors may have been available elsewhere ...

> ----------
> >Anyway, they're asking quit a bit for the car, but it looks to be worth
> >it-- and I have questions about the Quattro system in the V8.  I never
> >really understood the whole 'torsen' thing-- so it would be great of
> >someone could explain..
> Torsen came on all the later model (after '88) model Audis.  The
> differential is "torque-sensing" and virtually bulletproof.  You can't
> lock
> the front diff like you can in the 5KTQ.  It does it automatically.
> That's
> what Torsen is in a whole.  You can however still lock the rear diff with
> a
> button on the inner console.  But, even it switches off at above 15 mph so
> it's really only used to get you out of a tight spot.
You are describing the 100/200's quattro system.  No V8Q has a manually
selectable differential lock of any sort.  They all have Torsen diffs in the
rear.  The automatics have a computer controlled locking center diff.  The
auto tranny controller locks the center diff when slip is detected.  1991 V8
Quattros with manual transmissions have a center Torsen and a rear Torsen.  

> >What are these options?  Does it have to due with the diff locks-- or
> does
> >it have diff locks at all?
> Nope, as I explained above, only the rear diff can be locked on the V8's.
... see above ...

> >The 93 is such a great-looking car- does it have the same body as the
> 200TQ
> >or the earlier V8s?
> Um, yes, '93 has same body as earlier V8's, and I've heard it's the same
> (or
> very similar) to the body of the '91 200TQ...I think it's the same body.
> I
> know they added a lot of structural bracing and stuff to help make the
> V8's
> and '91 200's a much more stiff car.
If you park a V8 next to a 200Q you will probably notice that the two are
subtlely different.  Perhaps the biggest difference is that the V8 is the
first big Audi with the grille mounted to the hood.  The V8 actually has
more stiffening added than the 200 as well.  There is a titanium crossmember
behind the dash.  Does the 200q come with the front strut cross brace like
the V8 has?  I find the body of the V8 to be nearly as stiff as that in the
ur-q ... I can easily rotate tires front to rear by lifting the car at the
front jack point.

> >Does the 93 have a bigger motor with more hp than the earlier models?
> what
> >is the hp in the 93?
> Um, some V8's (only automatics) had a longblock motor that was bigger
> displacement and had a little more power.  I believe 3.7 and 4.2 were the
> two motor sizes, but don't quote me on it.
... you may be confusing the A8 here ... All US V8Qs had the 3.6 liter
engine (PT) through MY 1991.  In 1992 the cars all came with the 4.2 liter
motor (ABH).  One other interesting difference that I've found is that the
rear diff unit for the 1991 and earlier automatics (AFV) is different from
that in the 1991 manual and 1992+ automatics (AXZ).  Information is sketchy,
but I presume the rear diff was beefed up.  

> can be VERY expensive cars to do maintenance on.  Also, be warned, that
> many
> of the parts on these cars are "dealer only" and add to the cost of
> maintenance.  I'm not saying don't go for it, but just be carefull.
... in other words ... it's an Audi ... :-)

... certainly there are parts that are dealer only, but then again the V8 is
based on the same car as its siblings, so you won't be surprised to see V8
compatible bombs on special every once in a while at TPC ... and you can get
rebuilt racks at Jorgen's. :)  As the quattro list did for me with my ur-q
and other q's since, I find that the folks on the V8 list are a bunch of
DIYers who can help keep the cost of maintenance down ...

The thing that I find cool about the V8 is the fact that in the US there is
a special parts program for the V8.  If there is a part that you need that
is not in stock ... Audi pays the overnight freight to have it sent to the
dealer for you to pick up.  

It is funny ... back in 1978 when I bought my very first new car (an Audi
Fox GTI) I resigned myself to the fact that I had bought such a fancy car
that I was going to have to pay for service on it ... it was fuel injected
you know ... yes, the V8 is a departure from the turbo I-5, but it is
nothing to shy away from either.  Just as with any Audi, you need to go in
with you eyes wide open ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)