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family album tricks for new Dells

For any Dell notebook users who have a recent 'Neomagic' video chipset
and drivers and are trying to use the family CD:

Discovered on new Inspiron 3500 that I could sort of get to 1280x1024 as
long as the Monitor was not defined as an LCD panel.  The physical panel
won't actually do that resolution, but if you set the Monitor to 'Super
VGA 1280x1024' instead, the driver emulates 1280x1024x256 colors with a
virtual desktop that scrolls smoothly in all 4 directions.  Big
improvement over the shareware workaround I had been using.  And if you
click the right options, the video settings icon will be in the system
tray, and can switch resolutions with 2 clicks and no reboot.



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