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re: family album tricks for new Dells

Yes, this sounds similar to what I described a week or so ago for my new
Mac PowerBook G3, using the family album via emulation by "Virtual PC95".
Except that on _my_ "virtual 1280x1024 desktop", I can only view the family
album by dragging the Mac window. How do you get it (the desktop) to scroll
in Windows? For me to have scrolling ability, I need to use a Mac shareware
utility called Virtual Desktop.

>Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 22:17:36 -0400
>From: John Cunningham <johnc@together.net>
>Subject: family album tricks for new Dells
>For any Dell notebook users who have a recent 'Neomagic' video chipset
>and drivers and are trying to use the family CD:
>Discovered on new Inspiron 3500 that I could sort of get to 1280x1024 as
>long as the Monitor was not defined as an LCD panel.  The physical panel
>won't actually do that resolution, but if you set the Monitor to 'Super
>VGA 1280x1024' instead, the driver emulates 1280x1024x256 colors with a
>virtual desktop that scrolls smoothly in all 4 directions.  Big
>improvement over the shareware workaround I had been using.  And if you
>click the right options, the video settings icon will be in the system
>tray, and can switch resolutions with 2 clicks and no reboot.

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