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Re: Firestone alignments

	Early this year I was needing some tires balanced. The only place 
available was a Firestone place. They cut the old (stick-on) weights off my 
Fuchs wheels and were just about to HAMMER some clip-on weights onto the 
first one when I noticed what they were doing. I called for an immediate halt 
and asked just what they thought they were doing. "Oh, we ALWAYS use these, 
don't use them fancy weights -- don't need 'em."  I had to pay for one wheel 
balance, even though nothing was balanced and they had come within a fraction 
of a second of destroying one of the Fuchs wheels. Left the place in a less 
than cheerful mood.... BUT I didn't hurt anyone and didn't even talk bad 
about their ancestry. (Well, not in front of them anyway.)
	I'd want to ask around about a particular Firestone shop rather than 
asking for general responses. I don't think they could all be as stupid as 
the people I dealt with.