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Re: Firestone alignments

When I got my V8, the car came with studded snows on the original allows,
and mismatched H-rated Pirellis on steel wheels.  I ordered new tires from
the Tire Rack and took the car to Firestone to have the Pirellies removed,
the snow tires mounted on the steel wheels,  and the new tires on the
alloys.  Picked up the car and they had ignored the new tires and swapped
the snows and Pirellis.  Made them mount the new tires and noticed that they
had mounted them incorrectly.  The new tires were directional, and three of
them were spinning the wrong way.  Made them correct it, and had to point
out to them that it was not necessary to remount three tires, that they
could swap wheels from one side of the car to the other to minimize the
number of re-mounts, of which only one was necessary.

I haven't been back and never will.  OTOH, those tires are now almost worn
out and haven't fallen off the wheels or anything.

Jack Rich