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ENRADD - Electronic Non Radar Device

Electronic Non RADar Device
Calculates speed (mathematically) by using either road tape or sensors 
placed either on or beside the road and in some case up too 100 meters 
apart but usually only around 50.
If you cross the first tape at say 120kph in a 100kph zone you'll have slow 
down too 80kph to beat it tough to do in 50 meters with traffic behind you.
Almost as bad as photo-radar.
I believe PA will be using this system extensively - don't know about the 
other states.
They have been testing it here in Canada - although a similar system was 
used pre-radar days, but wasn't as effective.  Processing speed has 
generated new interest since an Officer can be around the next bend or the 
next coffee shop and still ding you.

Don Muirhead

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my most sincere "thank you" goes to all of you who sent me advice. The
consensus seems to be:
"shove your pride, pay the road tax and don't tempt the fate for this
ticket carries no points".

And so I did.

P.S. I am glad that we have a few attorneys on the list. :-)
P.P.S.  What the hell is ENRADD anyway? No one seems to know the answer.
A query to dogpile.com yielded no results either.

Igor Kessel
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