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? 17 x 8" ET 25mm wheels for 4ksq ?

Anyone have any comment on the size and offset listed in the 
subject line being fitted to an '85 4ksq?

I've been seeing all the posts that basically seem to suggest that 
an offset of 37mm is the best.  I believe my friend is running 40mm 
offset on some TSW's, and they will fit under the fenderwells.

25mm offset seems rather shallow, like that 8" wheel might rub.

My understanding is that the offset is the number of millimeters 
"set in" the centerline of the wheel is from the plane of the 
hub/wheel mounting surface.  Hence, my impression is that these 
25mm wheels will nearly stick out of the fenderwells!  (maybe that's 
an exaggeration)