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Looking for a good brand name that will last for more than a year.  Changed 
wife's S6 last summer - look like they're almost due again.  A4 was in last 
week for warranty stuff and they replaced the belts at my request (signs of 
fraying).  CGT could use a change as well.

S6 and A4 have been supplied by Audi (don't know/remember who makes them) 
and the Coupe's are after-market I buy at the local auto-parts supplier - I 
believe these are made by Gates.

I'm going over to Michigan next Wednesday and thought I might replenish the 
inventory and pickup a couple of sets.  So if there is brand with a good 
track record I would appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Don Muirhead
'99 A4
'96 S6
'86 CGT x 2