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Re: Zaino Bros. Car Products

>Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 12:49:31 -0400
>From: Jim Musser <jim1717@i2k.com>
>Subject: Zaino Bros. Car Products
>I recently heard about Zaino Bros. car cleaners and polishes. Do any of
>you use this product?? If so how do you like it?? 


I haven't seen any replies to your query, so despite being a newcomer to
the Quattro list, I thought I'd reply.

After several _very_ enthusiastic recommendations on the Rx7 list, I gave
in to the temptation of a group buy (free bottle of Zaino carwash) and
placed an order.  I 'Zainoed' my Rx7 (black) in April of this year.  The
results have been very good.  The paint has a very deep, wet look, and more
importantly, especially on a black car, it is quite easy to maintain the
shine.  So far, after the initial polish job, I have only washed the car
with the Zaino car wash and, after drying, treated it with the Gloss
Enhancer.  It still looks great!

Drawbacks?  Initial recommended preparation is a bit of a pain, but only
needs to be done once.  Initial $$$ outlay is fairly high.  You get the
urge to wash and Gloss Enhance the car too often ;-) 

Since I just bought my A4, and haven't even seen it yet, I don't know how
much of an improvement Zaino will make to the paint job.