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RE: DIY silicone hoses?

Yikes! Do not under any circumstances use silicone hoses! Silicone turns to
mush when exposed to hydrocarbons. Fluorosilicone is what you want. Either that
or nitrile (a.k.a. Buna-N). The latter is better than fluorosilicone
mechanically but doesn't like temperatures much higher than 160 deg F.
Fluorosilicone is good for at least 350 deg F.

Larry Mittell

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>Subject: DIY silicone hoses?
>Does anyone know how to make silicone hoses?
>I want to make a silicone hose from the intercooler to the throttle body
>with a boss for a conventional injector.
>Jörgen Karlsson
>Gothenburg, Sweden