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Re: DIY silicone hoses?

    It would seem more practical to me to use, for example, a Samco Sport 
hose, and modify that.  I have never seen an injector mounted in rubber 
before, so you may need to fabricate a metal pipe with an injector boss in it 
that you could splice into the hose..all much easier and more practical than 
molding a completely new hose from scratch...IMO.
Javad Shadzi
88 80Q

In a message dated 7/22/99 12:54:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, jurg@2.sbbs.se 

<< Does anyone know how to make silicone hoses?
 I want to make a silicone hose from the intercooler to the throttle body
 with a boss for a conventional injector.
 Jörgen Karlsson
 Gothenburg, Sweden >>