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Re: DIY silicone hoses?

In a message dated 7/24/99 12:52:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time, lmittel@ibm.net 

<< Yikes! Do not under any circumstances use silicone hoses! Silicone turns to
 mush when exposed to hydrocarbons. Fluorosilicone is what you want. Either 
 or nitrile (a.k.a. Buna-N). The latter is better than fluorosilicone
 mechanically but doesn't like temperatures much higher than 160 deg F.
 Fluorosilicone is good for at least 350 deg F.
 Larry Mittell >>

	Hmm, thats odd.  Why are the best hoses offered on the market all 
claiming to be made from silicone if it is so bad?
Javad Shadzi