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type 44 climate control issues

Audrey has a nasty new trick...she blows heat! Not a *lot*, but enough so
that on a recent long (12 hrs each way, in 31C temps) trip, it was cooler to
turn the fan _off_ rather than blow the small amount of heat into the cabin
(A/C is long since departed).

Also, the solenoid for the heater valve/recirc door is either leaking, or
electrically disconnected from the circuit board, and is now bypassed, and
run to straight vacuum, resulting in the valve and door both closed/open all
the time.

Door control seems ok, I run on econ @ 60F, and get small amounts of heat
out of the A/C vents.

I'm going to do a pre-emptive strike replacement on the heater valve today.
Could it be not fully closing internally? The diaphram is closing, and
holding ok.

Could the bowden cable be mis-adjusted? It appears at the controller to be
going full stroke.

Something else?

For cars with inoperative A/C would it not be better to disconnect/cap the
vacuum line to the recirc door, to allow fresh air all the time?

A side note.....got to an indicated 115 mph on the 417 coming home from
Montreal Thursday night...the Home Depot hop-up must be good for a little

Stephen Bigelow
Ottawa ON
1984 5000S "Audrey"