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Re: Turbo Coolant lines for 89 200TQ

On the other side near the water collector I just _carefully_ cut the
crimp off and put regular hose over the old pipe. There is a flare in
the pipe end so the hose will be captive as long as you put a clamp over
it. Perhaps this would also work on the turbo side?

Peter Golledge wrote:
> Listers,
> Anyone know of a good source for coolant lines?
> The line from the block to the turbo on my 200TQ is leaking at the
> crimping where the hose mates to a solid pipe near the turbo.  The
> local dealer is having trouble finding the part numbers :-((
> Any luck fabricating a replacement from Silicone hose?
> Cheers
> --
> Peter Golledge