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Re: Leaking coolant in the drivers compartment

At 04:37 PM 7/24/99 -0400, Timothy Penasack wrote:
>Today I started trying to find the coolant leak in the drivers compartment.
>I pulled off the glove box and saw coolant residue around the blower box (I
>thought the heater core was leaking but I guess not).  So anybody have any
>ideas?  Also when I turn the fan the sweat smell of coolant comes out.  So
>can anyone help?
>It's usually either the heater core,or the heater valve,which regulates
the amount of hot water flowing through the heater.  Assuming that the
hoses going to the heater valve and the core are intact. If the location of
the heater valve is  on the firewall in the engine compartment, then you
can rule it out.  Mike Posner