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rayjay turbocharger

Anybody ever hear of a BAE Turbosystems RayJay Turbocharger?  My friend 
one that has just been rebuilt, and i don't see why i couldn't rig it to 
work on an I5, even though it was designed for a 4cyl. The BAE turbo 
kits, sold in the 
late 70's-early 80's used a RayJay turbo, without a wastegate.  The
turbocharger was designed to provide boost parallel to the engine's
RPM, thus always running at optimum pressure, yet not requiring a 
Boost pressures normally produced by this system range from 7-10psi, 
dependant on the engine's RPM.  It comes with a carbon seal which allows 
it to be used in either the draw through or blow through configuration (i
don't know what that means).

I am curious how it would work on my 1990 80q.  It sounds like it works a
little like a g-lader, so I am skeptical about reliability.  Would I have
to have a custom chip made?  My friend only wants $250ish for it, and 
I figure that all I'd have to do would be to have a thick head gasket 
made to lower my compression, fabricate a manifold/exhaust system and 
monkey around with tuning (ie turbo camshaft, etc).  Sounds pretty lowish 
risk as far as a project goes.  I'm sure that there is some complication 
that I'm overlooking, but I'm sure somebody will point it out...

Thanks in advance.

-joe brown
1990 80q