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Sv: Do Audis have "drive-by-wire" gas pedals?

So we continue to love our old Audi's.
Dont't waste time and money on a V6 Bi turbo without hope
to enhance the performance -)
 just if there were a BMW M5 in the neighborhood
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Emne: Re: Do Audis have "drive-by-wire" gas pedals?

> > Do the new Audis have something called "drive-by-wire?"  The explanation
> > that the more you press the gas pedal down, the ECU sends more fuel and
> > to the engine, etc.  Is this true?  I heard that this is the reason
> > won't be chips available for the S4 and newer Audis.  Don't know if I
> > believe that...
> In a "drive-by-wire" system, instead of a mechanical cable linkage
> between your accelerator pedal and the throttle valve, the throttle
> valve is driven by a motor that is controlled by the ECU.  Your
> accelerator pedal only sends a signal to the ECU as a primary input,
> but the ECU may vary the throttle opening based on other inputs
> such as traction control, etc.  BMW has been using drive-by-wire
> in various models for some time.
> Some of the new Audi models do have drive-by-wire.  The Audi TT,
> I think, has it.  So does the VW new beetle.  Not sure about the
> new S4, but it's likely.
> European Car magazine had some discussion about this.  Some chip
> tuning companies are worried about liability with this setup.  If
> the ECU controls the throttle opening and they modify the ECU firmware,
> they may be opening themselves up to lawsuits if an accident occurs;
> whether it has anything to do with said mods or not.
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