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RE: California and florida License Plates??

> Just cross your fingers and hope that a cop with nothing better to do
> won't find you some day.
... with the proliferation of photo RADAR and red light cameras some
municipalities are cracking down on the law mandating the use of the front
plates.  From what I hear, the town of Milpitas CA is doing this to a

This thread reminds me of a time I was driving the urq from El Paso, Texas
to Appleton, Minnesota.  The car has yet to have front plates installed
(they're in the trunk at all times).  As we were driving through one of the
plains states (Oklahoma or Kansas I think) we noticed that a lot of people
were waving at us as we passed each other on the 2-lane highway.  My brother
and I couldn't figure why so many people were waving ... eventually we
decided that the cars from the state didn't have front plates, so we figured
that they thought we were from the state as well and waved!  We never had a
chance to confirm this, but there wasn't much else that would tend to
explain it ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)