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'84 4KQ parts request

	Been trying to replace the front strut cartridges in my daughter's 
car. The struts on the car show some significant rust, so I intend to replace 
them. We've got the cartridges in hand, ready to go in. 
	Took a pair of struts off a parts car, but can't get the caps off to 
let me remove the old cartridges. One of the caps is welded in place, so I 
know why I can't get that one off.  :-(    If push comes to shove I guess I 
can always grind off enough metal to free them.
	Anyway, does anyone have a pair of front struts for sale? Wouldn't 
necessesarily have to have the springs (but if you have some aftermarket, let 
me know...) The price will determine how much more effort I put into getting 
the caps off the ones I have on hand.

	As always, many thanks.