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Click and Clack explained

>Subject: Car-o-Scope results...
>Frankly, I'm stunned.

Hello?  This is the Car Talk web site we're talking about.  Car Talk, for
those who don't know, is a radio show in the USA hosted by a couple of
car-guys (Click and Clack, the Tappet brothers AKA Tom and Ray) who are also
very funny.  The Car Talk web site http://cartalk.cars.com/ is full of
humorous stuff.  The Car-o-scope is also humorous.  You're expecting Carnack
to provide accurate psychic information (an oxymoron)?  These are comedians!

Anyone confusing the Granada with a decent European car is mistaken; that
wouldn't be funny.  It's a discontinued hunk of used junk; that's why it
appears last on the list of other cars that totally outclass it.

Unfortunately, the Car-o-scope doesn't list either of my cars.  I had to do
mine on my recently sold Corvette.  I found it quite amusing.  (I tried
again on a piece of junk car I don't own, but didn't find it amusing.
Hmmmm.  Maybe there is something to this psychic stuff.  After all, Click
and Clack are really smart people.)  The Corvette was perfect for me, by the
way, except that I really ought to get a Mercedes 190E.  Since it hasn't
been updated to know about the TT, it obviously did the best it could.

Trivia:  For those who don't know, MIT alumni Click ('59) and Clack ('72)
were the commencement speakers at the most recent Massachusetts Institute of
Technology's graduation ceremony.  Their talk was really funny, including at
the end when they got down to serious business about being "unimpeded by the
thought process."  (At least *I* thought it was serious.)  They had their
wives drive them, because of how embarrassing it would be if their cars
broke down on the way.

Jack Rich
00 TT
90 V8