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Re: Granada

MCTXR4@aol.com writes:

>This is all partially correct.
>The US Granada and Monarch were stretches of the Maverick chassis sold 
>in the US from mid-70's until their death in the early 80's. 
>However the Fairmont was a new chassis called "FOX" by Ford that was 
>also the basis for the Mustang from it's introduction in late '77 until
>"New" Mustang was introduced in '94.

While the fox chasis was introduced in '77 for the 1978 model year
fairmont (mustang did not use it until MY 1979) the granada nameplate
was not moved to a fox car until '81. There were fox based cougars and
tbirds as well. 

If you read that segment again it reads that the granada and monarch
were unchanged UNTIL they BECAME rebadged fairmonts. Meaning that
the car's name was then used on a fairmont variant.

Like I said before, the European Granada had no place in that thread, as
the discussion was the CarOscope recommendation of the American Granada.



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