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RE: Copper (?) electrical connectors?

I used to have to wire up trailers and tractors, and occasionally
encountered inavailability of a matching wire color.  My solution was to
keep all kinds of solid color wire, which seems to be available in a wider
range of colors, and then, to emulate stripes, add overwinding (barber pole
style) of colored electrical tapes.  The stores that sell to electricians
carry yellow, blue, red, brown, green, white and black tape.  If I have a
green wire with a purple stripe, I'll splice in a commonly-available purple
wire and put a green overwinding, for example.

Kneale Brownson

At 08:14 PM 7/26/99 -0400, Carlyle Fitzgerald wrote:
>> Also, does anyone know of a source for copper-based colored wire, such
>> as is used in the wiring harness?  I would like to maintain the same
>> color when I repair wires in the electrical system.  At the very least,
>> I want to find some brown wire for ground connections.
>Any decent electrical supply house will have colored wires in just about any
>gauge (and color) you need.  Brown's pretty common, so that shouldn't be a
>problem.  You may have some difficulty with the striped stuff, though.