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RE: Copper (?) electrical connectors?

Kneale Brownson explains:
> I used to have to wire up trailers and tractors, and occasionally
> encountered inavailability of a matching wire color.  My solution was to
> keep all kinds of solid color wire, which seems to be available in a wider
> range of colors, and then, to emulate stripes, add overwinding (barber pole
> style) of colored electrical tapes.  The stores that sell to electricians
> carry yellow, blue, red, brown, green, white and black tape.  If I have a
> green wire with a purple stripe, I'll splice in a commonly-available purple
> wire and put a green overwinding, for example.

Ack!!  SHEER BRILLIANCE!!  Despite the ravaging effects of the
Granada Virus on this once-great list, there are still those brave
souls who will fight the oppression and stand out with stunning
good sense.  Perhaps this is the beginning of an antidote to the
Granada virus that can restore this list to its Audi-dom greatness.
Mucho condolences to those casualties that have already been Granada'd.

Anyone who is anyone that repairs Audi electrics needs to toast Kneale
for his excellent suggestion.

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