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Re: V8 5-Speed in NH

Richard Haroutunian wrote:

> Guys:
> I saw a pearl 1991 V8 5-speed with 58k miles in the auto hunter this
> morning for $11K somewhere in NH.
> Couldn't believe the price--and it looked mint from the photo.
> brake conversion done.  BBS.. etc., etc.
> If you're interested--let me know and I'll get the phone number to you in
> the a.m.
> Richard
> 87 5KCSTQ
> 85 4KSQ
> 82 VW Cabrio
> 97 Toyota Landcruiser

  The car has a salvage title. It had some suspension and front damage. It is
Pearl white.
It's at Autobahn of NH 800-350-4590. I personally did not look at it.

(still looking for a quattro)