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RE: K24 vs. k26 turbo for 4ktq

Marc said;
> Before I decide to spend some money making sure the k26 in the 87 5kt is
> in perfect shape, is the k24 a better turbo to go with?  

> If so, will it
> bolt into the stock 87 5kt location?
Yes again!!!  However, putting the K26 intake hose back on can be a bit
tough, as the K24 intake is a hair bigger (but it is doable)...

Put in a K24 and a chip, the best money spent on a 10vt Audi, IMHO.  I'm
going to try to be at Monterey on Saturday the 21, tennis tournament
permitting (lets all pray I crash and burn in the first round), I'll gladly
give rides.  I owe Igor one...

> Gary Lewis 
> 88 5kcstq 1.8 bar 110km Pearl w/Fuchs, K24 turbo, 2-piece EM
> 86 5kcstqw Sapphire and Platinum, stock 
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