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type 44 alignment Qs

Hello Raudis!

I have an appointment Thursday AM to have new SP8000s installed and an
alignment.  Being somewhat ignorant in this area, do I need to give the
tech any specs for this job?  I'm taking it to the best guy in town, but
he has little quattro experience.

The car is Sargent Schutt's former '91 200q, with the following mods:

Eibach's (lowered .75")
225/50 ZR16

Sarg had it set with a toe out bias.  While this made the turn in nice
and crisp, its a little squirrely on the straights, and there was
premature wear on inside edges of the fronts.  I'd just assume have it
neutral.  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

John Cassidy

ps.  Tire rack has the Dunlop SP8000s on sale for $85 in the above
size.  Killer!

8 rings
40 valves
6 doors
6 differentials
290,000 miles