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Car-O-Scope Results (I can't believe this)

Once Again the Granda shows up, but what i can't understand is why 3 of my 5
are pickup trucks or a jeep?  PLus it says i am not smart enough for my 90q,
what the hell? The only car i would ever consider on this list is the AMC
Jeep, to do some outback exploring and hunting or something like that.  Not
sure if i am sucha firm believer in the Car-O-Scope.  Oh well, at least i
tried.  I think i am goign to go test drive a Granda just for the hell of

Mike Robinson
88 90 Q
Comparing You to Other Audi 90 Owners
Boy oh boy, Mike, you picked a vehicle which is just about perfect for you.
Congratulations! For example, when compared to other people who own a Audi
90, you're just about the same in terms of how much you really care about
your car, your income, and your grasp of reality.
But there are some psychographic and/or demographic measures on which you
differ from other Audi 90 owners. For example, you're a bit too young to be
driving this vehicle, and your educational level is a bit lower than that of
other Audi 90 owners.
Car-O-Scope Makes Suggestions for More Compatible Vehicles
Despite the fact that your personality profile pretty much matches that of
Audi 90 owners, Car-O-Scope would like to suggest some alternative
vehicles--should you be thinking of making a change.
Note: some of these suggestions might surprise you. But try to keep an open
mind. It's quite possible that the car-o-scope has discovered some hidden
and/or repressed aspects of your personality. 
1.	Ford Granada	
2.	Chevrolet Camaro	
3.	Mazda B2200	
4.	AMC Jeep	
5.	Nissan King Cab	
So, let's look at your compatibility profile vis-a-vis the Ford Granada. If
you dumped that Audi 90 and got yourself a Ford Granada, you'd be a lot