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RE: V8 5-Speed in NH

> Audi had speedometer problems on more than a few of  those cars.
> I looked at one several years ago and the salesman told me, and
> the title said; "actual mileage unknown."  Keep in mind that the
> mileage _could_ be the miles that accumulated on the new
> speedometer.  I'd ask the dealer to run the VIN number on the
> Audi computer to see what comes up.
ROTFL!  While Audi _may_ be able to give you the history of the car while it
was under warranty, you aren't likely to get much info from AoA on the
mileage of the car.  You're best bets IMO would be to see if you could find
out where the car had been serviced and see how willing the service
department there would be to show you the service records, or to have a
title track like a Car Fax report.  While I've never done it before myself,
based on my experience and that of others I know, I'd say that it is $15
well spent.  

You are mostly correct about the problem, but it wasn't the speedo per se,
but the trip computer that went berserk.  Audi's solution was to replace the
entire instrument cluster ... which had the side effect of altering the
odometer reading.  It really isn't that difficult to disassemble the
instrument cluster ... I really wish that Audi would have decided to repair
the ICs rather than replacing them ...

Frankly, I'm surprised that the government doesn't get involved when there
is a situationlike this where the possibility of odometer fraud is increased
significantly due to the fact that such a high percentage of the cars had
the instrument clusters replaced ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)