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If you wanted a car BAD enough....

This is most definitely illegal but as far as getting in trouble unless your
are caught....
wouldn't it be possible to find someone who owns a plane, and fly one in
from say Canada/Mexico/etc. and land the plane in say
your own back yard or some off site location with little traffic.  Of course
I'm sure they would charge a hefty price and I'm sure this could be deemed
as criminal activity....asides all that.  Would it be possible?  I'm sure
you could potentially re-vin a car just to slide with Johnny law....say you
own an A4 Avant already.  Debadge your deemed illegal s4 Avant and re-vin it
with your a4 Avant vin and who is to know the difference.  You would of
course have to take care of maintenance yourself so your dealer wouldn't
find out,
and insurance...well who knows.  I'm not suggesting anyone goes out and
tries to do this, but is this something that could potentially be done?
Rob  Andrews  -- randrews@austin.rr.com
99 A4 2.8Q supercharged, Xenons, Brullen exhaust,
Eibach/Bilstein combo, and a rocking stereo.....