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Re: Getting Serious ...

Buchholz, Steven writes:
> Well, the Monterey Historics are a month away, and as far as I know there
> are no "Audifest" activities planned!  Yes, of course I'm aware of all of
> the festivities that have been put together under the coordination efforts
> of QCUSA ... but by "Audifest" I mean an event for the audifans.  Is there
> any interest in doing something special for the qlisters?

I'm going to MH99 for sure.  I had already signed up for the NorCal A4 Club
dinner on Saturday night.  AFAIK it's open to non-A4 people as well,
so maybe this can turn into a A4/qlist combined event?  It be nice to
have dinner and chat with everyone.  See this web site for details:


Other qlist-specific events ideas at Monterey well also be welcome.

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