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Re: How to change ECU chip A4 1.8T?

I have had this modification done on my car. You do need to know what you're 
doing since the stock chip is surface mounted. The guy who modified my car 
pulled the CPU and the de-soldered the stock chip from the board. He 
installed a carrier in its place so that I can now do chip changes myself 
simply by unplugging whatever chip is in there and plugging in the update.

Some companies that offer alternative performance chips have you pull your 
CPU and send it to them for modification, some will send you an entire CPU on 
exchange basis. 

Do a web search for Wetterauer or Total Audi Performance. I got my upgrade 
from a Philadelphia, PA based company called Air and Water Enterprises.

I can highly recommend their chips from a chap who's name is Garrett. He's 
very well known in VW circles and his reputation is growing for Audi tuning. 
Plus, he's a damn nice guy.

Mike Torio