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Re: How to change ECU chip A4 1.8T?

Peter -

The chip is soldered onto the PCB in the ECU, and can't be updated through
the diag port.  Tuners either remove it and resolder their chip on, or put a
socket in and then give you the ability to swap them.  Most tuners have a
loaner program where you can give them a deposit and get a 'new' ECU then
send yours back to them as soon as you make the swap. Tuners include:  MTM,
Wetterauer, TAP, and then a host of smaller operations.  I had a Wett chip in
my A4, was great - have more info and web links etc. if you are interested.


Peter Merle wrote:

> How difficult is it to upgrade the chip/software  on the A4 1.8T. Is the
> chip soldered in , surface mounted or can one upload new software into it
> using a programmer? Has any lister actually done this themselves.  Next
> question - what type of chip is it - part number?
> Cheers
> Peter Merle
> South Africa



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