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Re: If you wanted a car BAD enough....

> I'm not suggesting anyone goes out and tries to do this, but is this 
something that could potentially be done?

I have a friend who lives in Grass Valley, CA and he owns a pair of Buick 
Grand National GNXs ... one is bone stock and is fully licensed, insured and 
emission tested.  The other one puts out 700hp and isn't even remotely street 
legal but a few minutes with a screwdriver swapping plates and -- voila! -- 
he's got a street car.  Reckless and irresponsible?  Sure ... but he's never 
been caught despite getting two speeding tickets over the past eight years 
and he can easily afford to pay for any damage he might cause in an accident 
or fines he might receive from the police or DMV.

I also know somebody here in Arizona who imported a racecar from Germany and 
eventually got it licensed for street use by registering it in some generally 
rural state (North Dakota?) as a homebuilt then transferring the registration 
to Arizona ... with full-time AWD, it's only required to pass an idle test 
for emissions.  As for insurance, he only had to post a bond (a $20k CD, I 
think) with the DMV to get an SR22 card so he's minimally legal.

Neither solution is particularly elegant but where there's a will, there's a