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Re: Type 44 hood cable

The Parts Connection sells the cable for about $15. OEM German replacement.   I
recently did mine because the casing was bad was rusting.

Colin Hames
'86 5TQW
'98 Passat 1.8t

Steve Sherman wrote:

> Ian:
> You can try reaching the latches from underneath.  It's a bitch, but can
> be done with a sufficient amount of cursing...  Also depending upon
> where the break is, if the two latches are connected still, pulling the
> downstream one could open both...
> Once you do get it open, if the cable covering is OK, you may want to
> consider a fix I did on a previous VW Quantum wagon (with the I5 Quattro
> system):  Go to a bicycle shop and get enough stainless brake cable of a
> usable diameter to thread this thru the existing tube and make the
> connections.  Of course this only works if the tube is OK.  The VW took
> a bike cable end on the pull level inside, so it was a perfect fit.
> Can't say what the Audi takes, as I haven't (yet) had to replace one...
> Threading new cable thru only took 10 min compared to a hour or more for
> replacing the whole tube/lever assembly.
> BTW if you do go with the bike cable fix, have the shop cut the end for
> you, their circular cutter will enable the cut end to be more easily
> pushed thru the tube.
> Good Luck
> Steve
> BrutKobain@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone on the list know how to open the hood on an 85 5kt, w/o using the
> > release, the cable snapped somehow, and now it's closed.
> >
> > Any help?
> > Ian